Workout at home – the only 3 pieces of equipment you need (hint: they all weigh less than 1kg)

You don’t need to go to the big-box gym to get fit. And, by the way, you already have the best home gym machine ever invented. BODY weight exercises will do wonders out of your workout at home.

First things first – you don’t want to exercise on the floor. I don’t mean to sound pretentious – barefoot workout on the sand or grass (even if it is a playground) is something I love. But I don’t have them at home so I will refer to a regular floor (wooden at best). Now, my knees have gone through some pretty bad times for 40+ years and I want them to be in a good shape for another 40+ years.

Solution: the Mat. Not any mat. This one is important. I would argue you’d better be ready to like it (colour, feel, you name it). Weight: less than 1kg!

Tips: if you absolutely hate sliding then go for a yoga mat. Otherwise buy a thicker (e.g. Pilates) one. It will give more cushioning for your knees. Spend more here (save on the below items if you wish).

Secondly, you will at least sometimes need a gadget. Something that looks cool. On the other hand it is hard to train a pulling pattern without any equipment.

Solution: the suspension device. TRX workout at home A system of straps you can anchor on the wall or door (or a tree if you have one). Great for core workouts, back exercises, helps with balance, good conversation starter. Weight: less than 1kg!

Tips: you can buy TRX or similar. You can also save here – write to me and I will show you how to make one for a fraction of the TRX cost.

Thirdly, you will need a secret weapon against all those pains (post-training or just earned during life). Something that will improve the recovery and decrease the muscular tension after workouts.

Solution: foam roller for self-massagefoam roller to release muscle tightness or trigger points. You don’t want those knots on your muscles to stay. Weigh: less than 1kg!

Tips: you can save here as well. A tennis ball can sometimes help even better than a foam roller. Or if you want a cheap version of a roller – check in your kitchen for a rolling pin. Wrap it with a towel and start rolling!

Time to be the best You.

With the end of the year approaching fast it is high time to work on the best version of you. Whatever your goal – physical activity plays a more important role than we can imagine. And whatever your ‘body’ goal – go for workouts at home. All you need is the Mat, the suspension device and the roller foam.